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Repeat after me...

Repeat after me...

Jul 19, 2009

Health Care Funding Should Be Borne By All Accountable!

Please note:
The following content is intended to promote thought and inspiration toward making positive and effective change to American Health Care; especially with regard to funding it. In no way is this content intended to undermine, usurp, or otherwise infringe upon any individual or collective opinions, philosophies, or other assertions about the particular topic matters discussed here.

Links within this text are provided only as examples and starting-points for the mountain of information available on each topic. It is highly recommended that you perform your own in-depth research, in order to understand all aspects and opinions of these topics and commentary. In addition, please understand that the information found through any links given here do not necessarily represent my personal opinions or positions on any given topic they might connect to; nor am I responsible for their content.

I'd like to share a proposal I have been attempting to promote; for what I believe is an equitable national health care funding plan; which I also believe fits very well into our current age of accountability. It is based on the following simple premise:

'Whosoever shall knowingly participate in or contribute to the decline of the general health of the masses shall likewise participate in or contribute to the restoration and healing efforts necessitated by same.'

Widely available knowledge and data about known adverse health effects of numerous products show ever-increasing proof that we are poisoning ourselves every day, and when our daily doses of poisons builds up to critical levels, we find ourselves ill and in need of health care.

Oh, what a vicious circle!!

~It is known that our polluted environment contributes to health damage.
~It is known that some chemicals in our foods and other products we use contribute to health damage.
~It is known that
everyday job stresses contribute to health damage.
~Material Safety Data Sheets often even specify which organ(s) are targeted by some toxic substances and ingredients.
~Many product labels indicate that the product 'contains substances known to the State of California to cause....(health damage filled in here).'

See also the following links, for more details on some products and processes that might contribute to health damages:

household products
food processing
food additives
genetic alterations
cell phones
electromagnetic forces

And, there is SO much more!

Armed with all the real evidence about the substances, ingredients, processes, and other 'body-burden' exposures we are all subject to; why shouldn't 'those who knowingly participate in or contribute to' general health damage to the population be held accountable and responsible to 'participate in and contribute to' the improvement, restoration and healing of those health damages imposed by them?

Likewise, we, as individuals, are responsible through our own personal choices:

~We don't have to use that product that tells us California knows it can contribute to health damage.
~We don't have to eat all that health-damaging 'junk-food' that's all around us.
~We don't have to eat overly processed, artificial ingredient rich, genetically modified, cloned, irradiated, or otherwise 'messed around with' food products; although it is difficult to know what's what, these days. Some things are not required on current labeling.
~We don't have to drink, swim, fish the health damaging polluted waters.
~We don't have to use health damaging tobacco products.
~We don't have to have all the latest (potentially health damaging) electronics or other EMF emitting items.
~We don't have to put on health damaging deodorants, lotions, perfumes, or other cosmetics.

we don't have to partake of anything that we've learned may cause us harm; but how realistic is that? How can we possibly avoid them all?

We do have to do some things that are essential to living. And, the health damages associated with those things are often beyond our control to completely avoid.
do have to breathe the health damaging polluted air.
~We do have to drink and use the potentially health damaging polluted waters.
~We do have to eat; some food products are safer than others, and it is very difficult to really know which ones are safe and which are not. Reading (and understanding!) the labels is all we can do to protect ourselves from potentially health damaging substances, or processes, or other manufacturing, production and distribution related steps along the way before we get them. We could grow our own safe, organic foods, I suppose; but how realistic is that?
~We do have to participate in the potentially health damaging toxic and stress-riddled work environments.
~We do have to accept and trust the systems in place that are supposed to protect us from harmful, dangerous, influences on our everyday lives.

If our government can sue the tobacco companies for billions of dollars for deceit and covering up of known adverse health facts of tobacco products, why should any other known harmful product manufacturer liabilities be any different?

As consumers/end users/
likely sufferers, we have a right to protection from such damages.

-Why shouldn't manufacturers who use 'chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or other health problems' be held accountable for the impact their profit-driven business has on the health and welfare of the uninformed population?

-Why shouldn't food and cosmetic companies who use known harmful additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. be held accountable?

'We are what we're exposed to, and what we expose ourselves to'.

Many diseases and illnesses are at least effected by, if not caused by the things around us and the everyday things we've come to take as 'OK', because we believe that our government agencies are keeping a close eye on all this, for our safety. (See this link for more information).

I'm not saying they're not doing
anything, but, unfortunately, we know there's much room for improvement.

I believe the moral, right solution is for all to share equitably in all areas of the general health of our civilization, going forward.

Current discussions in Washington D.C. regarding American Health Care reform seem to be struggling very significantly with 'how everything will be funded'.

One thing is certain, in my opinion; until they start letting industries know that toxins and other health damaging things will not be tolerated, I'm afraid not much will change; costs will still be borne by the consumers. In my opinion, any company that uses anything that has a (verified) risk of damaging health should be required to pay into the American Health Care System; right out of their profits.

Yes, the consumers will be the ones paying, ultimately; they always do. But, if company profits are adversely impacted by practices that are unwelcome and unwanted by consumers at large, perhaps some things might actually change for the better. Who knows? Americans might even become healthier, and maybe less Health Care will be needed!

Please pass it on! And, be sure to let your political representatives know how you feel. Click here to find and connect to yours.

Thank you!
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Updated June 25, 2013

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